Increase the reliability of your generators and save thousands of dollars in down-time and service costs with our no-contract remote GPS-based monitoring solutions. Newgate Security’s wireless remote generator monitoring system allows you to monitor and diagnose the status of your generator from any location, anytime.

Our cost-effective remote generator monitoring technology works with ALL brands of standby generators and provides real-time data, 24/7, for any diagnostic condition. With Newgate Security, you’ll always know exactly what your generator is doing anytime, anywhere.

Any subscription plan can be month to month. No contract required!

Benefits of Remote Monitoring

  • Maintain peak generator operation

  • Early detection of generator failure
  • Reduced generator downtime
  • Remote start/stop capability
  • On-demand maintenance reports
  • On-demand run-time reports
  • Real-time generator alerts using your computer, tablet or smartphone
  • Peace of mind

Most Common Alerts

  • Generator Running (start/stop alerts)
  • Failed Exercise
  • Low Oil Pressure
  • Low Fuel
  • High Engine Temperature
  • Voltage (low or dead battery)
  • Engine Run-Time (total/monthly/etc)
  • Location Tracking (rentals)

Are you a generator sales and service agent?
Here's what Newgate Security’s dealer program can do for your business:

Newgate Security offers GPS Remote Generator Monitoring solutions that are easy to use, reliable and guaranteed to deliver measurable results quickly. With Newgate Security you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you have the tools to remotely monitor all brands of standby and mobile generators.