In Europe and other parts of the world dash cameras are increasingly popular and providing major benefits for commercial fleets as well as the individuals who manage them. In recent years more-and-more US-based companies have been investing in dash cams for company cars and other fleet vehicles.

At the same time, GPS units have also become increasingly popular for improving fleet efficiency and helping with driver accountability. So, it’s not a short leap of logic to wonder about the benefits of integrating dash cams with live time GPS tracking systems.

What Are The Benefits Of Dash Cams With GPS Tracking?

If you are a fleet manager, then you know just how important driver safety is to other vehicles on the road and pedestrians. Equipping fleet vehicles with a camera tracking system allows you to do a lot of things that can help improve driver accountability and overall safety.

Some of these units can be set up to allow you to observe a driver in live time. The recorded data can also be used to review and compare past footage to ensure they are following consistent safe practices.

Dash cam footage can be very helpful in the case of an accident, especially if there is suspected fraud involved. It’s estimated that the average company loses $70,000 each year to fleet-related accidents, through things settlement payments, vehicle damage, increased insurance premiums, fines, and legal fees.

Driver Monitoring And Improved Accountability

When drivers and operators know that there is onboard monitoring equipment, they are less likely to behave irresponsibly. At the same time, it also allows you to do things like monitor hard braking, identify of the driver is speeding, or if they are otherwise failing to obey company safety policies.

Take Periodic Driver Snapshots

A dash cam system with GPS tracking can be set up to take snapshots of a driver’s trip. This allows you to see if they are following all necessary safety procedures like wearing their seat belt. It can also be used to see if they are doing other potentially harmful things like using their phone while driving, engaging other drivers with negative gestures, or using the vehicle for personal use.

In the case of minor, common infractions, or changes in company policy, you could also use the footage to develop driver safety videos. This can be especially helpful for training new drives on the Do’s and Don’ts of company policy.

Using footage of your own drivers’ mistakes for safety videos will have more of an impact on your employees and encourage safer driving.

Will A Dash Cam Be Able To Help With Insurance Costs?

Insurance premiums, settlement payments, and vehicle damage are all costly in their own way. Statistically, around 40% of all insurance claims are disputed in some way. Footage from an onboard dash camera can provide evidence that backs up your dispute, verify the driver’s account, and even help with fraud prevention.

This includes things like helping to defend against staged accidents, resolving insurance claims faster and with less money spent on legal fees. In the long-term, this also helps keep your insurance premiums low.

When necessary footage can be used to help retrain so-called “High-Risk Drivers.” Many of these systems can even be integrated with Electronic Logging Devices (ELD)s. to create a highly effective tool for modifying bad driving habits.

What Are The Benefits Of A Newgate Security Dash Cam System With GPS?

Newgate Security has one of the world’s most sophisticated and easy to use dash cam GPS systems. The incident camera uses powerful video transmission, and built-in GPS tracking along with telematics data to provide improved awareness of fleet vehicles. It was developed to record footage and gather evidence of the events occurring before, during, and after an incident. A Newgate Security system can also be set up to send alerts, and upload video footage of an accident.

Most Newgate Security systems include a wide-angle HD camera, that is capable of recording at 720p resolution. They can also include a Three Axis G-Sensor, a built-in microphone, and an integrated GPS receiver, as well as two slots for SD card to store recorded data.

Some Newgate Security systems can be hardwired into a vehicle’s established electric system. They are designed to be tamper resistant. When necessary the system can be equipped with things like an accessory vehicle input sensor system or secondary cameras. Even something as simple as an auxiliary camera positioned to monitor a vehicle’s blind spot can help identify individual operators who need more safety training.

These systems provide a wide range of features such as:

  • A primary camera that records footage in 170-degree wide angle lens and records in HD
  • An optional external secondary camera that’s designed to resist the elements
  • Two recording modes to capture continuous and single event footage
  • An optional microphone to help record audio
  • Full-time GPS data collection that includes location, vehicle speed, and accurate time
  • Built-in G-shock sensors with adjustable sensitivity levels
  • Optional junction box connection to record signal use, braking, reverse, use of the horn, door opening, and hazard lights

A Newgate Security dash cam system with GPS functionality can be set up to connect directly to the vehicle’s ignition system, to ensure that it is active any time the vehicle is in operation. You can also adjust the camera’s resolution and frame rate.

A Newgate Security system also comes with sophisticated software features to help you interpret the data it collects. This includes things like:

  • Optional 3G which transmits a 20-second MP4 file immediately after an accident or triggering incident
  • Optional WiFi transmission for alerts
  • HD video that can be requested on demand
  • The ability to filter data by the time/date, vehicle speed, recorded event, or G-Force level
  • A data watermarked MP4 conversion tool.
  • Privacy masking to blur out things like faces and license plates
  • Seamless integration with Google Maps to help with route tracking and improved route planning
  • Advanced driver behavior analytics
  • The ability to save and print event reports
  • OTA software with available firmware updates
  • Telematics/AVL software that can be integrated with API

If you are a fleet manager, or you have vehicles and equipment that are essential to your company’s operation, then a Newgate Security dash cam system with GPS tracking can save you a lot of time and money. Its accuracy and versatility are second to none. When you balance it against the very affordable cost per unit versus the cost of just a single incident, the system is sure to pay for itself in short order.