Trailer Tracking Solutions

Newgate Security’s Trailer Alarm with GPS Tracking solution is designed to monitor and protect your trailer and contents while parked at your home, construction site, storage facility, hotel, event venue or anywhere else you may travel.  This system is an ideal security solution for any type of enclosed cargo trailer such as utility trailers, ATV trailers, equipment trailers, car hauler trailers, custom trailers and more.

The Trailer Alarm with GPS Tracking solution can be armed and disarmed quickly and remotely through your computer or Smartphone. The trailer tracking system utilizes a combination of door switches, a built-in accelerometer and a real-time GPS tracking device to alert you of status change, theft or tampering with the trailer.  While armed, the system will alert you via email or SMS text message if the alarm has been triggered, which can be caused by either acceleration of the trailer or the opening of a door. The system will also apply the electrical brakes on the trailer automatically (if available on your specific trailer), the running lights will flash and the siren will sound. In addition, the alert notifications received via email or text message will accompany a real-time GPS location of the trailer.

Any subscription plan can be month to month. No contract required!

Benefits of Trailer Alarms with GPS tracking:

Basic trailer alarm system includes:
  • Control module
  • Two key fob transmitters
  • Siren
  • Brake safety toggle switch
  • Three pin-type door switches
  • Three door switch brackets
  • Mounting screws
  • Five crimp connectors
  • One double membrane entry seal
  • Insurance rebate card
  • Warranty card

The entire system is mounted in a 7″x7″ box with the brake safety toggle switch also mounted internally.  Coupled with an optional 1000CA deep cycle marine battery this system can last approximately 90 days between charges. In addition, our professional-grade GPS tracking device operates on the latest 4G/LTE networks providing the best coverage nationwide allowing you to monitor, manage, and recover your trailers anywhere in the country.

Newgate Security offers no-contract Trailer Alarm with GPS Tracking solutions for container and trailer monitoring that are easy to use, reliable, and guaranteed to deliver measurable results quickly. With Newgate Security, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you have the tools to remotely monitor the shipments and possessions that are most valuable to you and your customers.