Landscaping companies of all stripes and sizes tend to have a lot of important high-value equipment. Of course, transporting it from point A to B also takes a fleet of standard and enclosed trailers. With some larger jobs, equipment may need to be left on-site overnight for days, if not weeks.

Unfortunately, would-be thieves and even casual vandals are often well-aware of the fact that these trailers hold high-value items. Often ones that can be sold quickly to a second party without any traceable documentation. Even materials and other things like metal tools can be recycled for a quick profit.

If you own or operate a landscaping or lawn care company, this is the sort of thing that can keep you up at night. Even if you have your equipment trailers and machinery stowed in an equipment yard, it could still end up falling prey to people bold enough to try to make a quick profit in the dark of the night.

GPS Technology Is Easy To Install On Equipment Trailers And Machinery

Today’s world is filled with innovation and technology that is designed to make our lives easier as well as safer. Modern-day GPS manufacturers realize the importance of security in the trades industries for high-value machinery and equipment trailers. They have been fast to provide a wide range of easy-to-use options.

GPS tracking devices can be wired directly and discretely to a deep cycle 12-volt battery. This could be something like a high-value machine’s onboard electric system or simply the electric braking assist of an equipment trailer. The GPS unit has a minimal draw of current and can literally last weeks, if not a full month on a single full charge of a deep cycle 12-volt battery.

How Can GPS Tracking Technology Keep Landscaping Equipment Safe?

Once the GPS tracking with trailer alarm has been installed it can be set up to deliver active alerts. Most have an app that will link directly to your smartphone or another wireless device. There are a variety of features and components to consider, which can be customized to your specific equipment trailer or machine.

Door And Shock Sensors

These small devices can be mounted on access doors, windows and other parts of a trailer or machine. When the door opens, or the trailer is disturbed it sends an instant alert to your smartphone.

Engine Activation Alerts

There are also sensors that can be keyed to send an alert when an engine is turned on during an off-hours time. If would-be thief or vandal breaks into a company truck or a piece of equipment and manages to start it, the alert is then triggered. This can be sent to your smartphone or that of a security company covering a specific job site.

With some systems, the GPS alerts can also trigger the engine to shut down and the engine block will remain disabled that way until the proper passcode is entered.


GPS trackers can also be set up with a geo-fence. Once an equipment trailer or piece of machinery is on-site, you can use a software suite to define the parameters of where it is allowed to go. Once entered the machine can operate inside the boundary area without concern. If it is moved outside of the pre-set geo-fence it triggers an alert to your smartphone or some other type of monitoring center.

Not only is this a preventive measure against theft, but it also helps deter employee misuse during off-hours. More than one landscaping and lawn care company has seen a major bite taken out of their bottom line by employees who take home equipment to mow, maintain, or work on their own lawn. With an established geo-fence in place, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing all your machinery and equipment is where it’s supposed to be as well as being used as intended.

GPS Technology Can Help Landscaping Companies With Logistics

A lot of landscaping companies also help augment their profit margins by offering things like lawn care. Even if you don’t have a lawncare arm, chances are good you still need to know where specific equipment is at any given time.

Let’s say for example that you have a trencher that needs to be brought from the main equipment yard to one job site, where it will need to be used for a few hours. If there is another job site that needs the trencher later, or an emergency comes up where its necessary real-time GPS technology lets you know where it is, and if it’s in use.

There are even some GPS tracking systems that can be paired with a suite of logistics software. If you have a large landscaping or lawn care company, your fleet manager can then use the software for things like scheduling and route planning. If a particular unit is needed elsewhere, real-time GPS can be used to determine the best route, or which team should be diverted.

GPS Technology Helps With Employee Accountability

Some landscaping and lawn care companies trust employees to take home company vehicles and equipment trailers. This can be very helpful if you have a large service area, and one or more of your employees happen to live closer to a project site or client than they do to your main shop.

Of course, the overriding concern here is that the employee could then be using company equipment and resources for personal use. This might even include moonlighting in their off-hours.

When GPS tracking technology is installed, you can know in real-time where valuable company resources are and how they are being used. Most fleet managers in this position will let the employee know about the GPS tracker. Though there are some who will install it discretely in order to catch them in the act.

GPS Technology May Help Reduce Insurance Costs

Right now GPS technology is coming into vogue with automotive insurance providers who offer a “Discount” for safe drivers who use their proprietary GPS trackers. This is a good sign that similar programs might be on the horizon for professional services who use GPS technology to secure high-value items like equipment trailers.

At the very least, the ability to recover a stolen trailer quickly, and provide that information to law enforcement, will reduce your chances of needing to file an insurance claim. This ultimately pays you back in the form of lower annual insurance premiums.

GPS Technology Return On Investment For Landscaping And Lawncare Companies

When you factor in things like loss prevention, theft prevention, logistics functionality, and possible long-term insurance savings, a GPS tracking system pays for itself in short order. If nothing else, it buys you the owner/operator some added peace of mind.