Newgate Security’s GPS fleet vehicle tracking solutions deliver quick and effective results for you and your operation.

With Newgate Security, you can control the critical aspects of your operation to improve profitability and reduce risk. Our services save you time and money while enhancing the quality of your customer service and keeping honest workers honest.

Any subscription plan can be month to month. No contract required!

Benefits of GPS Fleet Vehicle Tracking:

Take complete control of your fleet operations

With Newgate Security’s GPS fleet vehicle tracking solutions, you can view the exact location of your vehicles anywhere, anytime. Our interface offers an easy-to-use dashboard from which you can pull detailed information on one vehicle or a group of vehicles, 24/7. The web-based tracking site includes Google maps with satellite, map and street-level views. In addition, fleet managers can use our system to configure alerts that will contact the management team via email or SMS if the system detects a problem with the vehicle’s route, engine, speed or performance.

Newgate Security offers GPS Fleet Vehicle Tracking and reporting solutions that are easy to use, reliable and guaranteed to deliver measurable results quickly. With Newgate Security you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you have the tools to effectively manage your fleet vehicles in real time.

The Rideshare Company®

“From our initial meeting with Newgate Security, through a complex implementation process and now as we actually operate the GPS Tracker system, we have been delighted with the service provided by our new strategic business partner. The support and attention we’ve received greatly exceeded our expectations – and we expected a lot. We look forward to a long, productive, value-added relationship with the entire Newgate Security team.”
  • Mike Lenkiewicz • VP Finance and Treasure