Newgate Security’s GPS school bus and motorcoach tracking solution will greatly improve the efficiency and safety of your commercial and school bus operations.

With Newgate Security you can monitor driver behavior, automate bus maintenance schedules, and respond quickly to customer and school district demands. Our solution is designed to improve bus operations by providing highly accurate bus diagnostic data and detailed driving reports.

Any subscription plan can be month to month. No contract required!

Benefits of School Bus & Motorcoach Tracking:

  • Detailed mileage reporting by state
  • Accurate odometer readings – even odometer readings by trip!
  • Precise billing and payroll based on actual vehicle use

Make your bus operations safer and more profitable

With Newgate Security’s GPS bus tracking solution you can view the exact location of your buses anywhere, anytime. Leverage our easy-to-use dashboard to manage small or large fleets and take control your field operation. Our web-based tracking site includes Google maps with satellite, map and street-level views. It also includes historical reporting data which commercial and school bus managers can use to compare actual routes with planned routes to make the best managerial decisions.

Newgate Security offers GPS School Bus & Motorcoach Tracking and reporting solutions that are easy to use, reliable and guaranteed to deliver measurable results quickly. With Newgate Security you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you have the tools to effectively manage your bus operations in real time.

Kensington Bus Company

“Newgate Security’s service is impeccable. The whole system is great and extremely easy to manage. I have dealt with other tracking systems in the past and this is much better.”
  • Shannon Murray, Owner