Here are the potential benefits of installing vehicle cameras:

  • Protects drivers from false complaints and fraudulent claims
  • Reduces insurance premiums through safer claims history
  • Resolves at-fault claims quickly and cost-effectively
  • Promotes safe driving through coaching and feedback
  • Increases productivity
  • Peace of mind

What would a 20%, 40% or 80% reduction in claims costs mean for your company?

For many, it can represent significant savings that typically outweigh the initial investment. With insurance and claims costs on the rise, one accident, one fraudulent claim, or one claim that gets dragged out with litigation is enough to cover the entire roll-out. Having this technology in place before you need it in instances of fraudulent claims or accidents in addition to productivity and maintenance savings could save you more than the cost of investing in the first place.

Here’s what some of our local Winsupply companies are saying about their investments.

“It has already saved us our cost probably just with the last 2 accidents we have had in the last 4 months.”

“We had an accident that proved the semi was in our lane and without video evidence we would have paid.”

“we had an accident that was still our fault, but our driver ran a red light, however the other driver also ran a red light and hit our truck in the intersection. Therefore, all we had to cover was our truck!”

“Besides being a training tool, just in one instance, our guy was unloading a huge order of pipe. The customer claimed we damaged the pipe. We looked at the film and discovered at the request of the customer, our guy offloaded onto a scissor lift. Their guy dropped the load damaging the pipe. That’s just one instance and there have been several.”

Winsupply has partnered with Newgate Security. Installing the cameras could lead to lower insurance premiums for your company.