GPS Tracking Systems For Fleet Vehicle, Asset & Equipment Monitoring

GPS Tracking Systems For Fleet Vehicle, Asset & Equipment Monitoring2017-12-19T12:12:01+00:00

Every business has risks. Learn how Newgate Security’s GPS tracking and monitoring solutions for fleets, assets and equipment can improve the efficiency and health of your operation while drastically reducing overhead and controlling risk.

GPS Fleet Vehicle Tracking

Adopt the tools to effectively manage your fleet. Our no-contract GPS fleet vehicle tracking services are guaranteed to deliver measurable results quickly. Our solutions reduce overhead and improve the productivity of your business operation.

Track your fleet vehicles

Bus & Motorcoach Tracking

Monitor driver behavior, automate bus maintenance schedules, and respond quickly to customer and school district demands. Our solution is designed to improve bus operations, making them safer and more profitable.

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As an approved Newgate Security GPS tracking device dealer you will be able to offer your clients the most customizable, leading-edge hosted web-based GPS tracking solutions available in the marketplace today.

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Take control of your operation with GPS tracking systems for fleet vehicle and equipment tracking

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The Rideshare Company®

“From our initial meeting with Newgate Security, through a complex implementation process and now as we actually operate the GPS Tracker system, we have been delighted with the service provided by our new strategic business partner. The support and attention we’ve received greatly exceeded our expectations – and we expected a lot. We look forward to a long, productive, value-added relationship with the entire Newgate Security team.”
  • Mike Lenkiewicz • VP Finance and Treasure